Vacation Home Property Management

Vacation Home Property Management

We go beyond the unforgettable, high-end guest experience to also provide luxury care and service to our home owners.

Montana Home Vacations partners with homeowners to promote and meticulously care for their one-of-a-kind destination homes. We aim to make owning an income property approachable and carefree - we are committed to working with home owners to maximize your return on investment, while freeing up your time and energy to invest in other priorities. We engage with your investment property not just as an asset, but as a home - a place to be cared for where family and friends can gather to form lasting memories.

Revenue Management

Montana Home Vacations utilizes revenue management services, enabling us to tailor rates not just to your specific property, but to employ rates that are responsive to daily changes in the market as a whole.

This approach leaves no money on the table, maximizing the income potential of each property.

Maximizing Your Return on Investment

Pricing that is responsive to the latest market changes; rates are continually updated to reflect market values.

Professional revenue management services utilized to obtain detailed market analysis that is tailored to your specific property - on average these services increase revenue by 30%.

Monthly financial statements - you have access to view your financials updated in real time online through our owner portal.

Targeted Marketing Strategies

Properties are promoted with professional photographs on each of the major reservation sites as well as the Montana Home Vacations website.

Sophisticated reservation system that utilizes Search Engine Optimization technology to help boost your property to the top of the search list.

Professionally managed and curated social media presence where individual properties and area attractions are highlighted.

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Protecting & Maintaining Your Asset:

Montana Home Vacations is defined by one word: Luxury. We know what it takes to make a great first impression and lasting memory with guests. As property management professionals, we understand the investment made by homeowners and consider it an honor to have the opportunity to care for your home.

BiWeekly inventory & damage report

We ensure that you are up to date on any maintenance or service needs at the home.

Yearly home inspection by licensed professional

Complementary yearly inspections to better maintain your asset and plan for preventative maintenance.

Yearly deep clean

Complementary yearly cleaning by our team of professionals to ensure that your home is meticulously clean for the peak season.

24/7 Onsite assistance for alarms and emergency maintenance

Let our team handle the unexpected, while keeping you in the loop on any needs that arise at your home.

No Penalty Contract Cancellation

We absorb this risk because we are confident in our ability to deliver unrivaled services.

Legal & Safety Expertise

Our team of licensed professionals are up-to-date on requirements and legal standards to ensure safety for guests and reduce liability.

Transform your property into a Montana Home Vacations Destination